Love And Hip-Hop Emily Bustamante VS. Kimbella over Fabolous!

GlobalGrind: Can you tell us a little bit about this season? There is a lot of drama going on with Kimbella  and Fabolous?


Emily Bustamante: I didn’t want to come back with the same story as last year. I wasn’t going to do a second season with that same story. So I knew that if I was going to do this, it had to be a lesson for everybody. I have made a lot of changes in my life. I did move and change my circumstances. So you get to see my journey and what I had to do to make those changes.

Of course there was a few bumps along the road; I found out a few things that I didn’t want to hear (laughs). But you know what? I’m OK with it, because you grow through what you go through.


I watch Love And Hip-Hop all the time and all i can tell you guys is this women can hold her ground! I have never seen someone like Emily in the reality world. Most girls are wild and out of control cuz they need there t.v. time! Not Emily Bustamante! She always holds her ground and stays in class. As far as most of the girls on this show there what i call imitators. I would have to say Kimbella would be my least favorite. I am NOT into chicks that want to start drama. Especially that quick! Wait like 3 months at minimum yo!lol.  All I’m gonna say is if that was me i would of probably got crazyyy on her!  Do not bring up the guy I’m getting over at my “I’m getting over my ex party” girl U STUPID!

I just can’t wait to see more of this show! I’m sure theres lots in store.  Stay tuned!!! ;D -Tina


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    The blog is cool

  • Kacie Godfray  says:

    I think there’s a problem with the RSS feed here. Seems to be a broken link to me?

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